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Here we are, a year later, and it’s officially Láro’s ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! I can’t believe it’s been a whole YEAR since Lea and I took a huge leap of faith in launching a fashion line together… WOWZA.

It honestly seems like just yesterday when we were brainstorming ways to support upcoming artisans and designers while finding ways to give back to the fight against human trafficking. And in just a year, the strides have been huge. We’ve traveled around the nation, leading discussions and raising awareness on self-worth and empowerment. We’ve successfully launched several artisans to showcase their craft to the US market, giving them a much deserved opportunity to go global with their brand. And we’ve finally built up a team of incredible women who believe in heralding our cause and continue to commit to excellence in all that they do for Láro.


I’ve had people come up to me and ask how it feels to launch and sustain my own brand into its first year of operations. They’ve asked if there’s a secret formula to success and if I’d be so kind to share it. Well, surprise... there is no secret formula to running your own brand! In my experience, the sole force and driver behind anything good we have accomplished here is this: The promises of God never fail.

It’s simply isn’t enough to start a company and hope your passion and hard work alone will sustain it. Is it possible and have others done it that way? Sure! But what I’m talking about here is much more than worldly success in business. I’m talking about optimal peace and deep rooted joy throughout the turbulent ups and downs of the startup journey. Specifically the sporadic downs! Boyyy, no one could have prepared me for the rollercoaster of issues we had to navigate early on and still to this day. Sometimes Lea and I laugh and say that our official titles are “Professional Problem Solvers.”


And let me tell you, in these “panic moments”, passion and hard work (while valuable!) was never enough to keep us going. No, it was the intrinsic promise that in Christ, we would never fail. Now, this promise doesn’t mean we will never fail in reaching sales targets, securing important deals, and executing each event flawlessly... all of which at one point or another we failed to do. But it’s a much better promise. The promise is that no matter how many victories or failures, our identity and inherent value and worth remains unshakable on the cornerstone of Christ.

Every time we hit a roadblock, instead of sinking deep into frustration we would cast our eyes upward and get our help and confidence from The One who is the Maker of Heaven. Creator of the Earth. So maybe we have a bad day. So maybe we miss out on our goal for the month. But we know deeper than a few short term challenges that The One who called us to embark on this journey of a lifetime isn’t finished yet. And that He who began a good work in us will be sure to complete it.


And I have seen too many mountains moved, too many promises fulfilled in my lifetime to know better than to doubt my God. In all things, including the health of my business, I trust the Author with my story. In year 1 and year 50. His promises never fail.

I know Your thoughts
Your plans for me are good
And I know You hold
My future and my hope
Your promises never fail
Your promises never fail

-“Promises Never Fail” by Bethel Music Worship

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