“You closet should be like a really fun party; you walk inside and everyone you see is someone you like!”

“You closet should be like a really fun party; you walk inside and everyone you see is someone you like!”

Once upon a time, there was a woman who had no idea how lovely she was. She came to me and with tears in her eyes, told me it has been years since she last felt beautiful. I took her hand began to call out the truth of all the wonder she was; a masterpiece and glorious handiwork of God! As the tears began to flow, I witnessed the lies dissipate in front of me. Like the trumpet sound in Jericho, truth shook her walls until they began to crumble and fall. And in the space of the revelation of her worth, we began to explore together; we talked about how she never felt comfortable getting dressed because she didn’t know how to dress for her body type. She felt so frustrated every morning looking at a closet full of nothing to wear.

It was the beginning of an eye-opening journey in which together, we discovered her style through the lenses of what worked for her, not the latest fashion trends in Vogue. After spending careful time understanding her lifestyle and needs, I was able to 1) get rid of the unnecessary chaos in her closet, 2) show her the hidden gems remaining in her wardrobe that best complimented her body type and style and finally, 3) shop for a few extra pieces to really help bring out her inner dazzle and shine while helping her feel most comfortable in her own skin!

This precious encounter is one of hundreds I have had with women just like you. Let me be clear. The goal of fashion is not to make you more beautiful. Beautiful is who you already are without having to try a thing. But rather, God designed the art of dress to equip His precious daughters with a fun way to express themselves without even having to say a word! This special capsule collection is my response to this delicate conversation. In collaboration with TheShapeShop, we have spent countless hours designing and developing prototypes over and over again to find the most flattering silhouettes for everyBODY. Whatever your shape and size, each of these stunning pieces is sure to bring out the best in you- and there is so much to love.

Introducing the Láro RTW Capsule Collection

Our Collection: We believe that all women should feel empowered in the way the dress, no matter what shape or size! This ready-to-wear capsule is an answer to all the women who feel like they have nothing to wear (all hands should be raised)! This collection is thoughtfully designed with YOU in mind- each special piece is uniquely created to fit and flatter everybody. 15 pieces. Worn 50+ ways. 1 wardrobe.

Featuring the Yakan Tribe: We proudly incorporate unique handwoven textiles by the Yakan Tribe. Yakan people are famous for their intricate geometrical weaves and equally colorful traditional ceremonies. The word “yakan” means to tell, to speak... and what a story they have to tell.

Join us for the ultimate pop up. Available on June 1-8. // Instagram: @shop.laro // Facebook: shoplarolifestyle

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