I said goodbye to control and stability in 2016 when I left my corporate fashion job to pursue passion and purpose. Because life is too short to live in fear. I believe that at the root of all human anxiety, stress, and frustration is simply


Dread over imaginary ghosts and bad guys; villains we have self-created to sabotage the glory God created within us. For as long as I could remember, creating extraordinary disruptions within ordinary moments was the unseen electricity behind my motivation and drive.

To be outrageously different.

Perhaps this outside of the box mentality was the reason I got on that plane to New York City with nothing more, nothing less than a dwindling bank account, a worn-out suitcase, and most importantly a calling in my heart for more.

It was that same calling, the pulsating da-dum-da-dum in my veins, that pushed me over the ledge of fear and into the great chasm of the Unknown. I, a creature of habit and comfort, finally put in my two-week notice after years of negotiating against my own self-doubt. My goal was a tiny but nonetheless vivid light leading me towards my mission: to empower through beauty and style.

In my years of experience as an executive for leading luxury fashion companies, I could no longer ignore the blatant disorder and chaos resulting in a convoluted string of lies damaging the truth of self worth for men and women everywhere, all ages alike. 

I began by writing my first series in empowerment called The Theology of Fashion, with a heart set on dissecting, uncovering, and reclaiming the redemptive message of God’s love and relentless pursuit towards us in and through the beauty and fashion industries. My goal became to help inspire a revelation of worth; to release the value inherently created within each and every being, regardless of past, body type, or status. 

Thus began my journey to challenge those at a top level in the beauty and fashion industries to be the change makers impacting a complete shift and breaking ground towards a more positive future founded in love and empowerment. 

Almost simultaneously throughout my one year process of building my business plan came a familiar voice of darkness, mocking my desire for more. “You small, stupid girl,” it said, “What makes you think you are qualified to create an empire based on nothing more than a notion to make people feel good? What is empowerment and worth but an attempt to write happy songs and movies? But to create a business?! You went to school and excelled in a career of buying and merchandising under the best leaders in your industry. Don’t be wasteful of your resources. Stick to what you know.” 

Every time this dark voice whispered, the foggy cloud of fear blurred my vision. Sometimes only for a brief moment of confusion; sometimes for long, drawn out moments of deep despair.  And yet, a Voice louder and brighter than even the bleakest lies had already decided victory over my future long before I was born. And His Name was Wonderful Counselor. Mighty God. Everlasting Father. Prince of Peace. Jesus. 

And when the Voice told fear to flee it crumbled back into the earth like a worm without a home. Day by day, second by second, the still, Small Whisper continued to lead me towards more.

More joy,

more fruition,

more of Him.

Slowly but surely, He drew me out of the darkness fear had created around me, coaxing me into His marvelous light and into my destiny. What would happen next would leave me forever changed...

To be continued...

((Stay tuned for next week's post. I am FINALLY announcing some pretty major news and I want you to be the first to know!))


With Love + Light,


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