Emeka and I are officially over our first year of marriage and boy ohh boy have we learned a heck of a lot! Prior to tying the knot, I honestly had no idea how challenging the actual trenches, meaning day to day life, with another person would turn out to be. It is so easy to get blinded by the fog that is love at first sight during the dating phase, and forget the crucial fundamentals that sustain a relationship for the long haul. 

After much discussion and reflection, Emeka and I have a few crucial points that we strongly believe must be on every couple's checklist, especially if marriage is in sight. Under God's design for marriage, my husband and I are committed to nurturing our union come what may;  in sickness and in health, til death do us part. We are talking unconditional and relentless pursuit; the kind where you see one another to the depths (ugly past, bad habits and all) and yet love to the skies. 

Therefore, taking the careful and intentional steps in assessing realistic compatibility is so crucial between two people seeking marriage. Slowing down and thinking long term is a necessary way to love your partner well. After all, I think we can all agree that the last thing we want is to end up 50 years down the road deciding divorce is the only solution. 

We pray that after watching this video you are encouraged to take seriously the heart of the one you choose for life. That through our short but meaningful experience as newlyweds, you are inspired to love deeply and care seriously. Ultimately, we hope that your own relationship would illuminate such profound resilience and authenticity, drawing  countless souls to the perfect and ever glorious ultimate love in Christ.