"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." -C.S. Lewis

Up until meeting my husband, I had been enslaved in a mindset of disordered love resulting from a string of abusive relationships starting from my early teens. I immediately assumed Emeka's kindness was an act; half expecting the monster to reveal his true form and half hoping to God to be proven wrong. On our honeymoon I found myself overcome with an inexplicable fear, realizing I had grown calloused over the years and incapable of receiving love in it's truest form.

My love for my husband ran deep but my propensity for walls of self-protection and weapons to guard my battered heart paralyzed me beyond reason. But like a fearless warrior he broke down each wall; dismantling each stubborn brick and exposing the lie that it was. He called out the darkness in me and spoke out light. He rebuked the weakness in me and spoke out strength. And I will never forget the fragile moment when my husband leaned in to surround me with his arms like a blazing fortification of protection. Through muffled tears and a desperate heart his words pierced a truth so potent to my painful past:

"I am not your ex."

By the grace of God, my marriage continues to stoke a deep desire within me and Emeka to love a little more like Jesus each day. To forgive quickly and claim salvation honestly. We remain resolved, for better or for worse, to stand in the promises of the newness in Christ. Pressing forward little by little, until our baby steps become glorious strides towards a future of marvelous light.

I reached out to 8 dear friends who continue to serve as living, breathing reminders of the promise Love brings to all who will just humbly receive it. Each face you witness in this video bears a precious story of redemption; beauty from ashes. While we are all marked on various walks and seasons of life, one thing reigns true in common thread. We seek the renewal of worth in women through the unconditional love, hope, and joy in Christ.

Christ Alone.

NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING can separate you from His love. His affections for you are a hurricane; you are a tree. No broken relationship, no prince charming, no drug addiction, no perfect career or any other fleeting worldly pleasure can offer the type of all consuming, all encompassing SOUL NURTURE that Jesus longs to pour over you. You are His Beloved. Worthy of the most relentless pursuit.

He is not your ex.

Will you receive Him?


We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)