Hey friends and fam... I'M BAAAAAACK!!!

I know I've been super MIA for a while now. I am about to leap off the edge of my seat in sheer excitement to finally announce a big project my husband and I have been working on. My blog Diwa Dollhouse was born out of a desire to empower women, primarily through fashion. It has been a great honor to engage with you in shared encouragement and inspiration. As a newlywed, it has been on my heart for some time now to leverage this platform as a channel to speak on my personal experiences - in trials and triumphs - in relation to dating and marriage. Emeka and I are so pleased to finally introduce our YouTube Channel: Mekk & Niks! Every week we will be rolling out a new video based on our personal journey in love and life, the first one being about how we met online! We hope you enjoy!

Ahh, the complex jungle that is online dating. But let's be honest, between a busy work schedule, personal errands, and catching up with friends throughout the week, who has time to intentionally meet people to potentially date?! It seems that while it is easier to meet people in quantity, it is increasingly rare to make connections of quality (CAN I GET AN AMEN?!). Years ago, online dating used to be super taboo; only for creepy weirdos who lived with their cats or for the bored and bold who didn't mind suffering through an awkward cup of coffee for a good story to share with their friends. Alas, in 2017 online dating is much more accepted and is a widely used method to find a romantic partner. This is an account of two strangers living in New York City who found Cupid, err, OKCupid that is. 



Mekk & Niks