I'd like to start off with a little trip down memory lane. It was a regular bustling workday in the Barneys New York buying office and I was making my way to the copy machine when the brisk click-clacking of high heels followed closely behind me. I turned to find the bright eyed, blond haired fashionista who was notorious for her sequins style staple. I remembered recalling her name was "Kait". With a huge grinning smile spread from ear to ear, she excitedly grabbed my arm sharing that we in fact, attended the same church (per a mutual friend's connection). And just like that, in the middle of a luxury fashion office, a love for Jesus, rosé macarons, and all things sparkly bonded two complete strangers. Kait remains as close as a sister and this past June, stood next to me on my wedding day as I said "I do."

Before the water works start, a little professional background on Kait: After graduating from Texas Womens University, she knew she was called to begin a career in the fashion industry. She is currently the Senior Buyer at Maris Collective. Previous to that, Kait served in the buying departments of well-renowned fashion companies such as Nasty Gal, Barneys New York, Coach, and JCPenney. In addition to her boss girl day job, Kait runs my favorite fashion blog (I swear I'm not biased- go check it out and fall in love yourself!) called Madly Mignon. I sat down with Kait for a few career tips, fashion hacks, and ultimately more insight into the stunning heart behind her person to share with all of you! 

What would you say were your biggest challenges/obstacles in the first year of launching your blog?

The biggest challenges were undoubtedly getting over the fact that I was constantly posting photos of myself to my teeny tiny following at that time. I wanted to be modest and felt as though I was torturing my current followers (composed of all friends at the time). But alas, God continued to provide purpose and as I posted more and more I realized I had overwhelming support from my friends and other followers. Now, I do not see posting an outfit photo of myself as a vain act, but rather a method to showcase my style and encourage and inspire others.


If you could pick one crucial daily habit that is vital to long term success, what would that be?

Positivity through it all! Looking yourself in the mirror every single day and saying "YOU ARE AMAZING, YOU'VE GOT THIS!". Don't get me wrong, there will be days you want to throw your hands up in the air and give it all up, but I promise you trusting in God's greater plan is the most satisfying thing you could ever do. He will often surprise you, especially through the failures and mistakes. Nowadays when I make a big mistake, I just say "thank you Jesus!", because I know some big lessons and breakthroughs are about to follow.


I believe that fashion is a conversation to the world; you can tell a lot about a person by their style. How would you say your wardrobe choices have amplified your credibility and business strengths?

I would say, I have a very clear and distinct fashion sense: ultra girly, sparkly, & forever Frenchie. When new trends arise, I mold them to my own personal style. I will never sacrifice my personal style to simply fit in with others. Also, I will often turn down brand sponsorships if I do not feel the aesthetic of the brand melds well with my personal style. Although my style still very much evolves, external brands and my followers always know what kind of aesthetic to expect from me. Sparkles are never a surprise ;). 

Who has most inspired your passion for style?

Not to be cliche, but I love Coco Chanel. She is the ultimate chic french woman, and she went after her dreams even when it was so rare for women during that time to have their own business. She is classy, refined, & perfectly feminine.


What are your top three favorite brands to shop right now and why?

Zimmermann, it always has a beautiful feminine flare to it while always capturing some unique pattern or material of the moment. My most recent obsession is my a-line eyelet dress... it is the ultimate "lady dress". Next would be Chloe,  ultimately feminine and girly... so so beautiful. Caroline Constas, known for her off the shoulder, frilly & feminine attire. I am obsessing over this up & coming classic, yet cosmopolitan designer.   

Versatility in everyday fashion is so important to us. Do you have any go-to favorites that you enjoy pairing with various pieces in your wardrobe?

My sequin blazer is the ultimate must. Sometimes it is over the top, but I love throwing it on to make a casual look just that much more exciting. Also, my favorite Valentino rockstud black shoes with a kitten heel are the perfect pump that add pizzaz to any outfit. 

To other bloggers out there, what is your secret to growing your brand's audience/following?
Always partner with brands that have a larger following than you, and make sure they post your photos! A one sided sponsorship does not help you grow! Always confirm this in advance and be adamant. 


For those on a tighter budget, what is the best way to add a touch of glamour to any outfit, no matter the price point?
Add a red lip or a classic pump. Either one of these things will spice up your outfit and make it chic and classy!


How has fashion impacted the way you feel about yourself?
Fashion makes me feel confident, joyful, & empowered. When I get dressed in an outfit that I love, it makes me feel alive. I can confidently walk into a room with excitement and joy radiating because it just feels so wonderful to showcase my inner self through my outward fashion sense. I could feel so sick all I want to do is crawl up in bed, but if I get dressed and put on a pretty outfit, a rush of joy and energy take over. I use fashion as a means of expression & a way to emulate my inner creativity and feminine heart. That being said, own your fashion sense and use it as a means to emulate joy and confidence!


I believe in empowering women through a revelation of their worth. How do you feel fashion plays into this?

Fashion truly represents a means to express yourself through more than just clothing, but as a means to showcase your inner identity of Christ rooted in you. That's right you heard me, Christ is in you, shining through you, and using you each and every single day! Fashion represents freedom from having to prove to others who you are, and instead is an outward expression of who we uniquely are as individuals. Hear me when I say, you are unique, wonderful, and oh so beautiful. I can hear Proverbs 31:25 over and over shouting "you are clothed with dignity and strength". The word 'clothed' is so beautiful, because it represents that we are covered and surrounded by Christ's strength and righteousness. Fashion is a representation of all of these beautiful elements wrapped into one, and I wouldn't believe it any other way.

I'm going to let you all in on a secret even Kait doesn't know (well, I guess until now!).  

She is my original inspiration behind #WomanCrushWednesday on the blog. One of the biggest takeaways since knowing Kait is that there is so much light in the form of genuine women in the fashion industry. Question: Imagine what would happen if more influencers like Kait stood up in representing faith, love, and kindness in an industry notorious for threatening the hearts of women everywhere through competition and unrealistic standards?

Answer: C H A N G E. Change would raise up truth and drown out lies. Lies about not being enough. Truth about an inherent value and beauty that can never be taken away. Let's choose this mindset and together start a paradigm shift towards a world more empowered through the lenses of fashion. 


Xoxo, Diwa Doll


Kait Warman of Madly Mignon

Photography: Alecia Lindsay