Fashion Rule: Do not wear white after Labor Day.

Well, why the heck not?! You may know by now that I have a passion for breaking traditional rules for the sake of reclaiming fashion as fun and for the fearless! So I did some digging and found a great article by Laura Fitzpatrick in the Times, detailing the historical significance for this old-time rule:

1) White was reserved for the hotter seasons to help beat the heat and stay cool. Because there was no air conditioning and people wore fairly formal clothes, white was somewhat of a lightweight option. 

2) Labor Day marked the traditional end of summertime. White was symbolic of leisure and vacationing while darker colors meant 're-entry' back to school, work, etc. during the fall. 

3) White portrayed a sense of etiquette exclusive to the high class society (Coco Chanel made a statement by making white her round-year staple!). Wearing white was a way for insiders to keep outsiders out. 

Today, I am throwing the rule book out the window. I have outlined my own 3 reasons on why you SHOULD wear white after Labor Day. My hope is that together, we can explore a new way to find freedom in the way we dress and ultimately, enjoy a wide variety of possibilities best suited to each person's unique style!

Nika's Fashion Rule: Do wear white after Labor Day. (with 3 reasons why!)

1) Personally, some of the hottest summer days have occurred post Labor Day. If the heat is rising and you happen to have that breezy and backless summer dress hanging in your closet, you should absolutely wear it! Seasons changing in relation to temperature varies drastically depending where you live and your comfort should never be confined to a color.

2) One of the reasons I wear white is because it makes any look seem so clean and effortless. Going into the hustle and bustle of fall, I still love to maintain my right to wear white because of how easily the color mixes with my other wardrobe pieces. White is so timeless and chic and comes in many gorgeous transitional styles for the fall/winter season. A great example on my wish list is the Isabel Marant Oversized Alpaca Coat.

3) After reading the history on how white used to symbolize the elite upper class, I am all the more advocating wearing white proudly after labor day and rewriting this symbol. We are ALL royal image bearers of BEAUTY. No matter what your ethnic, social, or economic background, you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made and should never feel like an outsider to that truth. And if our ancestors felt oppressed to enjoy such a simple freedom back then, you BEST BELIEVE i'm taking it back! 

It's wearing white, not changing the world. But I believe taking baby steps in overturning dated fashion rules to move forward in more freedom to explore and embrace your personal style makes a difference. And remember, YOU ARE WORTH BREAKING THE RULES FOR


Xoxo, Nika


Photography: Coastal Flicks