We all remember the night before our first day of work! Sifting aimlessly through your closet and suddenly... it's as if you have NOTHING to wear! We had the best time reminiscing over our "first day" stories at work. Both working in Manhattan, there was a definite case of the feared "Devil Wears Prada" syndrome. I mean, we just had to impress our "Miranda Priestly!" 

If this has been a recurring nightmare for you... not to worry! You are not alone and the Diwa Dolls are here to the rescue! Check out our two office looks 1) casual and 2) dressy. In addition, we have a few tips and tricks to make each look extra versatile. We hope you enjoy!

In closing, we must revisit our memories of our first days of work in Manhattan again. We were so delighted to realize something we will never forget. The "Miranda's" of NYC weren't out to pick apart our outfits and gossip... they were too worried what everyone else was thinking about them! Imagine a world where every day (not just the first day) of work was a platform for you to *fearlessly* strut your best self in whatever outfit you choose. Imagine if every day your most important accessory was confidence in your worth. Know that and fashion (and your first day) can be oh-so-fun!


Xoxo, Diwa Dolls


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