"I couldn't sleep. I just kept thinking about how this was my last night in my my house...kinda like my last night as a kid. I mean, I've lived here since I was five and I feel like I'm supposed to turn in my key tomorrow. It was so strange packing up my room. You know how you have always trained me never to throw anything away. So like I have all these ratty stuffed animals and old retainer...all my old magic tricks. And I actually packed it all. I just didn't want to let it go. I mean, I know I can't stay, but it's like I don't want to leave." -Annie from Father of the Bride

As I stepped into the sunlight pouring into my living room the morning of June 16,2016, a moment of bittersweet nostalgia swept over me.

Today I would become a wife.

I wondered if the walls would ever look the same, if my bed would feel the same...would the light look different in this room after today? I then fell to my knees in gratitude; deep gratitude that in a small strange way, I didn't want to let go or leave because my parents raised me and my sister in a home full of love and laughter. This was a place billionaires would envy but could never buy. And that is when I realized that no matter how old I get and no matter the season of my life, I am HOME. As I smiled at this truth, my mother and baby sister busted into the room with a million hugs and kisses and we spent a few more minutes lingering in sweet memories for as long as time allowed. 

This is a peek into the following moments in between the morning of my wedding and right before the ceremony. I struggled until midnight trying to quantify in words the treasure in every second, only failing to delete paragraphs that simply could not do justice. So I will let photos speak the million words my overwhelmed heart cannot translate in words to say. These are my final moments as a single lady.

Thank you for reliving these precious memories with me through my favorite snapshots. I also want to extend many thanks to the best bridal party a girl could hope for. My bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids and flower girls- you were a vision come to life. You pour out so much beauty and joy and I feel deeply honored to call you friends and family. To my many aunts who assisted with hair, makeup (and ensuring all the excited ladies were adequately hydrated!)- thank you for walking with me through all my crazy adolescent ups and downs and for holding me close in patience and prayer up to this incredible season of my life. To my mother and father- words continue to fail, but I pray every day that my life would be a growing testimony of the years you dedicated me to The Lord, faithfully carrying me in love and strength come what may. 


Xoxo, Nika of the Diwa Dolls

P.S. Come back tomorrow at 6pm on the blog, we will be sharing photos from the ceremony! Until then...


Wedding Dress: Alvina Valenta, Wedding Atelier

Bridal crown: Alyson Nicole

Bridal shoes: Badgley Mischka

Photography Credit: Brant Smith Photography

Wedding Venue: Poetry Springs, Terrell , TX