I was loved before I met you.

My heart was tattered, bruised, and bleeding and I knew not a home to rest.
In the deepest and darkest of pits it was Jesus Himself who wrapped me up and loved this broken mess.
And like a master surgeon he cracked open my chest, giving me a new identity
He called me a chosen person, a royal priesthood, a nation who is holy
I fell in love with LOVE itself, with my Saviour who since the beginning of time found me worthy of the wait.

He waited for me. So my heart gave in and I waited for Him, never knowing the gift he had in store was more magnificent, more glorious than even the most beautiful of stars. After all, you think God would spare you the wrapping paper, when he bought you a luxury car?

Then He spoke and brought me into your life. Like Eve to Adam in the Garden of Eden, he said “Now”…and I said…”Wow!!!”
You were a reflection of the heart of Christ from start; it’s true.
But the enemy of my soul would scream that if you saw the real me I’d be sure to lose you.
I knew Jesus could love me just as I am… but could you?

But like a fearless warrior you busted down each wall, giving me a new identity. 
You called me the most supreme of Queens, a beauty from ashes, a testimony of God’s grace. 
That even the fire I was afraid of in myself, you would never ever dream to replace. 
I fell in love with the image of Jesus in you, with my Saviour who since the beginning of time knew this very moment would be worth the wait.

He called out the darkness in me and spoke out light. You called out the weakness in me and spoke out strength. And like His mirror, you continue to carefully follow the steps of the One who keeps us on the frequency of His wavelength. 

It is here I find my home, you carry it in your heart. And it is the power of the gospel truth and the story of His love that even death can never part. Someone once told me you can only give the kind of love you have received. So my darling, it is a lifelong promise I give you when I say all your life to you I will cleave. 

Your father Apollos would have been so proud of the man you are today. And it is my greatest honor, knowing he is watching and smiling from Heaven, to promise him that by your side I will always stay. 

I was loved before I met you. And it is because of this profoundly precious truth that I stand before you with a vow strong as eternity starting with the words, “I do.”

-My wedding vow to my husband on our wedding day


Xoxo, Nika of the Diwa Dolls

P.S. Join us tomorrow at 6pm for the reception party of a lifetime. Let's eat, drink...we are MARRIED!


Wedding Dress: Alvina Valenta, Wedding Atelier

Bridal crown: Alyson Nicole

Bridal shoes: Badgley Mischka

Photography Credit: Brant Smith Photography

Wedding Venue: Poetry Springs, Terrell , TX

Wedding Rentals: Bella Rentals