What wedding would be complete without a surprise Beyoncé flashmob, featuring my stunning bridesmaids?! I am such a huge fan of Queen B and for those that know me, I LOVE dancing! I wanted to incorporate a really fun surprise with my bridesmaids as a gift to my husband, so I chose a choreographed dance (by yours truly!) to all my favorite Beyoncé love songs.

As flashmobs are currently trending for weddings, I came up with 3 simple steps to executing a fabulous surprise flashmob:

1) Research other flashmobs that have been choreographed to your chosen song and refer to original music videos/live performances if available.

YouTube is the best reference for this one. I am by no means a professional dancer; my extensive experience is limited to my living room in my pajamas with iTunes as my DJ. Looking to other videos for ideas on dance moves, formations, outfits, etc was a huge help! Looking through Beyoncé's footage was also a big help in incorporating certain "signature moves" (my favorite being the 'Crazy In Love' booty pop!). 

2) Find a space to practice in person and send instructional videos beforehand.

I sent each of my bridesmaids a video including music and play by play instructions on the dance moves. This way, they could come prepared to each scheduled group practice. I booked a studio multiple times at CAP21 and a week prior sent an email outlining exactly what we would be going over during rehearsal. Practicing in person was vital in order to learn from our own and each other's mistakes, clarify on the more challenging moves, getting formations down, and most importantly, spending quality time creating something fun together!

3) Do at least one dress rehearsal at the venue.

This one is crucial! My group had a final session the morning of my wedding; we ran through the entire dance in our outfits (including high heels!). It is important to note that the size of the official dance space will always vary from your practice space. You need to get together as a group and practice exactly how you are planning to execute the routine, music and all.  This way, if any last minute issues arise, you have a cushion of time to make the necessary adjustments before show time!

***BONUS tip...HAVE FUN! This dance means so much to me because of all the extra time I got to spend having a blast with my best friends. (Shout-out to my girls for not killing me in between body rolls for being such a stickler!) Do not take it too seriously; make sure to remember that first and foremost, everyone should be having a good time! If there aren't smiles and laughter, you are doing something wrong and need to reevaluate. 

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to designer Alyson Nicole for this handmade embellished jumpsuit! I knew I wanted the freedom to dance HARD and had this vision of a crisp white jumpsuit that was both glamorous and timeless. Alyson poured her heart out into this design, truly blowing my vision out of the water and creating a dream. She even carefully chose each embellishment and handcrafted each placement until perfection. If you need custom bridal+groom+bespoke accessories or garments and want to work with the most creative and lovely person, Alyson is your girl. Also, how HOT are these ladies in their fabulous gold+sequin dresses (now available under $50!). True to the "Bey way" am I right?!

I hope you enjoy this surprise flashmob as much as we had fun performing it! Comment down below with any additional tips on choreographing a flashmob, as well as any links of your favorite flashmob dances. If you loved this video and want more, follow our Diwa Dolls YouTube channel!


Xoxo, Nika of The Diwa Dolls


Cinematography: Green Light Media Services

Wedding Jumpsuit: Alyson Nicole

Music (in order): 
Run The World by Beyoncé
Crazy In Love by Beyoncé
End of Time Beyoncé
Love on Top Beyoncé