Hi friends! We have some pretty HUGE news to share with you...honestly we are so excited we aren't quite sure where to begin!

We have partnered up with the amazing team Ready Set Productions in bringing you some AMAZING fashion content that we are sure you'll love. All of this content will also be featured on Soulfetti, another great way to spend your time! Soulfetti is our GO-TO lifestyle network for informative, inspiring, and entertaining stories. They feature everything from food to fashion tips!

We believe in EMPOWERING women through a revelation of their WORTH. Fashion is a way we express this very empowerment as we believe it is the most intimate kind of art because, well, it's the only kind you can actually wear! We believe fashion is a reflection of the unique blueprint created within you; it becomes a conversation to the world! And guess what?? You don't have to empty that pocketbook to be fabulous... we believe in "BUY LESS, CHOOSE WELL." Stick around and we'll tell you more about that! Coming up, we have fashion hacks, DIY, fashion for firsts... and so much more. This is just the beginning... join us and let's have some fun shall we?!


Xoxo, Diwa Dolls


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