As many of you know, I left my full time fashion corporate job to blog full time. On top of that, I have a very exciting project under wraps that I will be announcing very soon! While running two businesses has been the wildest adventure, it has also been a struggle to maintain balance (and sanity) in my day to day life. Lately it seems like my calendar has less and less space and I recently found myself overwhelmed with anxiety and burnt out from saying yes to too many things. I hit a wall forcing me to realize that it was time to prioritize a healthy balanced lifestyle. While browsing through Instagram looking for style inspiration, I stumbled upon Dailylook, a premium online shopping destination that provides on-trend looks tailored to your unique lifestyle at a low fee of $40/month. At a glance I learned that I could have my own personal stylist send me a special elite box of items based on my fashion needs and lifestyle- leaving me time for everything else. Aha! So not only could I work smarter to achieve balance in my crazy schedule, I could shop smarter too! I was intrigued and decided to sign up for my very first Dailylook elite box. Here is what happened.

Step 1: Fill out a style profile.

I filled out a detailed profile describing everything from my measurements to my fashion preferences. I really appreciated how detailed the questions were, specifically pertaining to the fit of clothing. I find that a major hesitation among women in using online shopping services is the uncertainty that the clothes will actually fit once received in the mail. Immediately I felt more confident that Dailylook would get my sizes correct as the questions were so thorough and well thought out.

I also thought the questions gauging my style preferences were able to really pinpoint my likes and dislikes. There was a solid combination of imagery and words used to narrow down even one's most specific style quirks. I was most impressed by the variety of questions targeted at defining my personal style and actually learned a lot about myself throughout the process! I tend to find these questionnaires boring and tedious, but to my delight found my style profile to be very succinct and to the point, while also very robust in information to pass on to my stylist. I couldn't wait to see what I would receive in my Dailylook Elite box!

Step 2: Patience is a virtue!

Wait for the box to arrive. I felt like I was waiting for Santa Claus to drop off a special delivery of surprises any moment at my front door! Before I could even check my order delivery status on the Dailylook website, my amazing stylist Hana checked in with me via email informing me that my Dailylook elite box was waiting for me downstairs! I was so surprised and pleased with Hana's diligence and attention to ensure I received my box safe and sound.

Step 3: Have an unwrapping party.

I couldn't contain my excitement as I eagerly ripped open the box to find the sweetest note from Hana my stylist. I thought to myself, Gosh- I already feel like she really knows me! It was then that a wave of doubt immediately hit me with questions like "What if my style is too complex to pinpoint? What if I dislike every item in this box?" You see, I am extremely picky when it comes to fashion pieces I like and up to this point I hadn't met a single person who could shop on my behalf. So with a deep breath and a prayer, I opened the tissue wrapping to uncover the items lovingly and carefully curated by Hana. 

*several moments of gleeful shrieking and mounds of tissue wrapping paper later...*

By George they really GOT ME. I fell in absolute love with four of the eight items shipped to me when I had realistically expected I would like one item at best. (Can you tell I can be quite the skeptic sometimes?) I remember adding a special note at the end of my style profile saying: I have a very feminine sense of style- I love dramatic textures like ruffles and statement pieces that turn heads! I love florals and soft influences mixed with unexpected edge like sequins! I cannot reiterate enough how spot on these four pieces were per my style profile. I could not have chosen them better myself! The other pieces were also beautiful, they just didn't really fit my personal preference and I did not have much to pair them with currently in my closet. One thing that remained consistent is the high quality and luxury feel of each piece delivered in my box. Without further adieu, let's get to the fun part because I cannot wait to share how ADORABLE my Dailylook favorites are!

Cameo Alone Tonight Top $79.95 (Sold out but here and here are a few more amazing similar styles!)

FIRST THE RUFFLES...Eeeek! I was hoping so hard that I would receive at least one item with ruffles and my wish was granted with the most stunning backless, high to low ruffled top. And how about that gorgeous emerald green color? You know I will be wearing this to all my holiday parties this season!


NBD Sequin Champagne Babydoll Dress $128.95 (Sold out but I love this similar silver dress here!)

This knockout sequin dress was the winner for me when my husband looked at me on our way out the door and said it may be his favorite piece I have ever worn. I know he loves me but I can't help but thank Dailylook for the extra lovey googley eyes I got from the style swag I had that night! I love this dress so much because I can dress up while pairing with a pair of heels for a night out with the girls or dress down like I did below with a pair of jeans and boots for a stroll in the city. Either way, what a statement!

MINKPINK Jealousy Duster Coat $104.99 (Sold out but love this double breasted pea coat here.)

I must have worn this coat 352,978 times by now. As the NYC temps are lowering, I am so thrilled that this gorgeous coat feels lightweight while also oh-so-cozy and warm. One of my favorite fall/winter colors to wear is also gray due to it's easy versatility with other pieces in my wardrobe. My new favorite thing is to throw on an additional layer of fur on top of this coat to sprinkle on a little extra pizzazz!


Keepsake Stolen Hearts Satin Top $97.95 (Sold out but loving this skirt here by the same designer!)

This top may be the perfect embodiment of my style: feminine with a dash of edge. I love the details of brush stroked colors and movement in the texture. I felt like I was wearing a piece of art! Strutting around Bryant Park in this outfit I felt straight out of a Gossip Girl episode. I was especially impressed with how well it fit around the bust area; it's as if this top was made just for me!

STEP 4: Til returning do you part.

Lastly, I chose these four items I simply couldn't live without and returned the rest of the items in the original Dailylook box. As soon as I packed up the clothes, I rushed to send Hana a big thank you for coordinating such a fun, painless, and Dailylook experience for me!


Without the slightest hesitation...YES. Now that I am confident in my stylist's ability to really dig deep into my personal style and surprise me with amazing additions to my wardrobe at an affordable price, I can confidently say I am a Dailylook fan! Also Dailylook is currently running a few promotions you'll love! Use the code HOLIDAY10 to get $10 off their styling fee when you order a box or as a special gift from me, use DIWA20 to get 20% off your first Elite purchase.

To loop back to my original musings on prioritizing tasks, balancing to-do lists, and living smarter...Dailylook couldn't have shown up at a better time. Having my own personal stylist curating trendy outfits to be dropped off at my doorstep saves me time and releases me of the pressure of having to make an instant purchasing decision at the store. I have 7 days to try on my Dailylook picks in the comfort of my home and decide what works best for me.

I leave you with a challenge I think you'll enjoy. Step back and review your to-do list for this week. Cut out the unnecessary. Finally, highlight all your crucial tasks and evaluate one by one how you can complete them more efficiently and still maintain the highest quality result. I have found that one of my biggest mistakes is not slowing down enough to ask myself: Is there another way? And at least for my shopping experiences, thanks to Dailylook, I am delighted to say YES, there is!

What about you friends?! Would you give Dailylook a shot?


Xoxo, Diwa Doll


All merchandise from Dailylook


Photography: Maddie Widder Photography and Luke Polihrom Photography