Anyone that knows me knows I am an accessories fanatic, particularly when it comes to fashion jewelry. I love how jewelry can dress up any outfit to reflect the personality of the woman wearing it. Accessories are the finishing touches to the ensemble. I am extremely picky; I own very few pieces because I am an avid believer in the saying, "BUY LESS, CHOOSE WELL". If you step back and get to know your own personal style preferences, your closet becomes a lot less cluttered with junk you will never actually wear. This mindset is also easier on your wallet and I am all about that! I was always curious about Rocksbox which is the premium jewelry subscription box for only $19/month. As I am very particular with what I wear, I wondered if it was possible for a stranger to gauge my likes vs. dislikes and come up with a box I loved. So I signed up for the service hoping for the best but was honestly still pretty skeptical. Here is what happened. 

Step 1: Create a profile and make a wish list

I usually avoid services like this because I find creating a personal profile to be tedious and a waste of time. Thankfully, this was a very quick and painless process and in no time, I was able to move on to the fun part: making a wish list. I am a very visual person and loved how I was able to click and choose all my favorite types of jewelry based on my personal style. I kind of felt like I was shopping with an unlimited budget! At this point I was extremely curious to see if me bundle-picking merchandise would be enough for my Rocksbox stylist to get inside my head and pin down a great set of items.

Step 2: Three's a Charm

After waiting only a few days, I got a special blue box in the mail tied up in a pretty pink bow. (I am such a sucker for cute packaging!) I eagerly opened the box to find the sweetest note from my stylist Lisa along with a detailed list of the brand and description of the three pieces inside. The instructions read that I would keep these items as long as I wanted. When I was ready to change it up, I could swap out (free shipping both ways!) for another Rocksbox. 

1) Leandra Statement Necklace by Perry Street, $94

I thought this was a cute necklace but would not have necessarily chosen it myself. I tend to gravitate towards neutral and metallic colors when it comes to fashion jewelry because I love the versatility. Also this necklace was a lighter blue which is more difficult to mix-and-match in my wardrobe. However, I was surprised to find myself picking up this necklace to wear multiple times with my neutral pieces as it does give a WOW factor due to the special color and intricate design. 

2) Power Gemstone Bracelet in Aquamarine by Gorjana, $32

I was not a fan of this bracelet offhand because it is a lighter blue and has I mentioned, I do not typically like colored jewelry especially if it is a lighter hue. Also I was turned off to the fact that it too closely matched the necklace I received as well. I am all about unexpected colors and shapes coming together creatively and this was too obvious for me. I did like how dainty it was in that I felt like I could easily wear it with a more low-key casual outfit.

3) Pave Open Circle Studs by Sophie Harper, $33

This was a strikeout for me. But not necessarily [three times you're] out because I did enjoy the other two pieces. For me the whole pave open circle design reminded me too much of when I used to work at Juicy Couture in high school and I am not about that life anymore! Especially when it comes to earrings, I love simple, classic designs. Every once in a while, I love a more exaggerated earring with a little black dress. 

Step 3: Find True Love

I did not find true love with any piece in this set, however; I was glad to go outside the box (pun intended!) of my usual style picks to try something new. It was refreshing to have someone style me and freeing to have the choice to keep the items or send them back. With Rocksbox in the case that you do find true love, you can always redeem your $10 monthly credit, buy pieces at a discount, pus get an extra $10 off when you keep the whole set. Not too shabby in my opinion. 

I don't know if it is because Christmas is right around the corner, but there is something about opening gift boxes with pretty little surprises inside that makes me want to say, "Yes, sign me up!" After all, $19 a month isn't bad for having a trained stylist do all the hard work of scouring the trendiest jewelry from 30+ designers to find the best set for you. The jewelry is very beautiful quality and without the hassle of commitment, it does give me the option of expanding my jewelry drawer so to speak to a whole new level. But don't just take my word for it! As a special gift from me to you, enter this It Girl code at checkout to get 1 FREE month of Rocksbox: diwadollhousexoxo. Enjoy! :)


Xoxo, Diwa Doll


Photography: Kyle Studstill *check out Kyle's amazing designs! My favorite scarf is here.