Some of the most profound and empowering stories are those that start with failure. Such is the case with Nineteenth Amendment, a platform to discover emerging fashion FIRST. Exclusive designer collections from around the globe are available for pre-sale at a discount. This groundbreaking approach towards innovative fashion became possible because of a failed experience during fashion week. The CEO Amanda who was a then designer, experienced firsthand how the nearly impossible barriers of funding and lack of connections hindered one from entering the fashion industry. From frustration and despair was birthed a passion and resolve to break the cycle.

Nineteenth Amendment was created on the idea that fashion is a choice and that the garment production process for manufacturers in the US needed a makeover. And, just like its namesake, Nineteenth Amendment believes everyone has a right to choose how to make the system - and their closets - a better place.

For designers, Nineteenth Amendment provides access to small batch manufacturing and direct sales to an innovative audience, hungry for first-fashion undiluted to mainstream channels. For consumers, they curate and showcase new designer promise, providing first look pre-sale access and discounts to raw and fresh designs from around the world.

The truth is, there is a better way.
And we are creating it.
For fashion. For designers. For you. -Nineteenth Amendment

I am going to share something that may unnerve some people. As someone who has had front row access to the buying and merchandising departments of highly esteemed luxury brands, I have to admit that I have grown quite bored with mainstream fashion. As much as I hate to admit it, it is true that generally there is a dull kind of monotony that lacks raw innovation in today's fashion industry. That is my personal opinion and I for one am always hungry for designers willing to not only create outside the box, but chuck the thing altogether and build and breathe life into something completely NEW. I fear that traditional industry rules have diluted the boldness of designers, manufacturers, and consumers to try a better way. 

Then I stumble across Nineteenth Amendment and breathe the biggest sigh of relief. Comforted that there is a platform choosing to be a voice for the silenced. A hope for the failed stories. A reminder that your failure is only the beginning of a greater victory in the end. That's what I love so much about fashion. The stories it tells, in this case of failure and success, transcend far beyond clothing and into the very hearts and souls of the men and women who are called to create and stand for something so much bigger than themselves. In the words on Nineteenth Amendment:

What do you stand for? Stand for fashion. For the equality and rights of the designers who create your garment, the manufacturers who execute it, and you, who wears your heart on your sleeve. Everyday, what you wear is a choice. It's an open letter, an invitation, a canvas, a language.
Fashion speaks.
What do you say?


Xoxo, Diwa Doll


Dress: REIN London with Nineteenth Amendment 

Vest: Terry Jolo Brand with Nineteenth Amendment


Photography: Mirna Plakalovic Photography