I was enjoying a custom cup of ice cream and sipping on a glass of bubbly at the NYC Style Collective X Rebecca Minkoff event in Soho. In the middle of perusing through the latest collection of pastel handbags, a standout choker necklace on a dazzling fashionista caught my eye. Chokers are a big trend this season and I had seen many versions but this one was different; it was such a statement of glamour and creativity. The piece was fully frosted in embellishment with a dainty bow in the center. I circled around the woman wearing my new favorite accessory hoping to chat but she was surrounded by such a large group of admirers (no doubt, thinking my same thoughts!) that I decided to walk around a bit more and catch her later. Imagine my surprise when in the middle of my second (okay fine, third!) cup of ice cream, the woman walked up and introduced herself telling me that she follows my blog! I was so honored and we instantly made a connection. This is how I met Krity Shrestha, the designer behind Krity S Designs

One of the reasons I love the blogging world is having opportunities to meet women like Krity who inspire me by unique stories and a love for fashion. Krity started blogging as a creative outlet to share inspiration, trends, and tips. Her hope is to inspire women of all shapes, backgrounds, and ages through her personal style. Krity is a designer by day, blogger by night, and fashion extraordinaire full time!

Through Krity, I also had the pleasure of being introduced to one of my new favorite fashion photographers Ashley Gallerani. Inspired by Krity's glam-chic and sophisticated accessories (The Lacey Choker is my personal fave!), we all decided to collaborate on a sunset inspired shoot overlooking the New York City skyline. We all love New York because of the magnet it is in bringing together a melting pot of all backgrounds and walks of life, all in the name of pursuing a dream. We decided to shoot during a sunset as kind of an ode to all the hustling, driven, and fabulous self-made women we know that work hard to play hard after a long day.

For us, playing hard meant pizza and cocktails on a rooftop with live music, exchanging stories and laughing until it hurt. I have lived in this crazy city for almost 7 years and still it never ceases to amaze me how new friendships are spontaneously inspired by fashion. Fashion is a common thread that binds all of us, uniting us without even saying a word. There is something about style no matter where you come from that speaks a universal language that can bond strangers from across the room. And in this case, all because of a pretty little necklace, I left that night with a huge smile on my face, a tummy full of yummy pizza, a heart filled with new memories, and two new good friends. 


Xoxo, Diwa Doll


Krity Shrestha Designs

Photography: Ashley Gallerani Photography