Those that know me know that I am a huge fan of fashion accessories because of how they can really bring out unique personality in any outfit. There are the types of pieces that are classic and go together so well with anything that you don't even bother to take them off because it's as if they have become a part of you. I have also always loved rings but finding a size to fit has always been a nearly impossible task for me as I am a 2.75 (yes, you read that right!). About a year ago, I was browsing on Instagram for some style inspiration and happened upon the most stunning collection of rings by Stefanie Sheehan. Each had one-of-a-kind features unlike anything I had ever seen before. The designs were lovingly handcrafted with intention. With a hope and a prayer, I sent a message to Stefanie wondering if there was any way she could create one of her rings for me in my special size. She responded immediately with a "YES!" and thus began my love affair with Stefanie Sheehan Jewelry.  I love my Spire, Pinnacle, and Arcade rings so much that I wear them side by side with my wedding ring; they mold seamlessly into my everyday style and speak my personality in a way only art can communicate. 

The Spire, Pinnacle and Arcade rings are all from Stefanie Sheehan's Sacred Collection. They were inspired by love, commitment and the architecture of cathedrals. Stefanie created this collection as her wedding day was approaching; some of the names of the pieces in the collection are named and inspired by the “anatomy” of a cathedral, such as the Spire, Window, Pinnacle, Tower and Arcade. Fun fact- she actually used the Pinnacle Ring in rose gold as her wedding band and gave her wedding party Sacred Necklaces with Pink Quartz to wear on the big day! I was so intrigued once Stefanie started to share more on how her wedding day inspired the collection and had to learn more. This is her response:

 "Anyone that has planned a wedding before knows how crazy it can get! Everything was constantly in my head, who do I need to contact, what do I still need to craft together, what jewelry am I going to wear?! One thing I knew that I wanted to do was create my own wedding band and jewelry for the day. I wanted it to be something unique that could pair well with another ring. I also wanted it to mean something. To represent a timeless love, and have a timeless design. I started thinking about marriage and what it consists of. It’s a mixture of a lot of love and a lot of commitment. But it is also a chance to build something great with someone, your partner. This is when I started thinking about the gorgeous architecture of cathedrals around the world. I had visited Italy my summer after graduating college and witnessed some truly amazing pieces of architecture in that country. Some of the cathedrals were particularly inspiring and beautiful. So I decided that it would be fitting to “build” my Sacred Collection with the architecture of cathedrals in mind. To represent the foundation and life I was to build with my husband. It also helps that cathedrals are a place considered sacred to many.

I took pieces of cathedrals and drew inspiration from them. Cathedrals, especially older ones, have a kind of anatomy where you can find similar motifs in each of them, but done in their own way. Parts of cathedrals I was looking at were the pinnacles, arcades, spires, towers, niches, and windows. I used the pinnacle of a cathedral as inspiration for my wedding band. The pinnacle of a cathedral is both a decorative piece of design but is also very important structurally, which I found inspiring for a wedding band, but of course it does not need to be worn as one! One of my favorites from the collection are the Arcade pieces (inspired by the arcade of a cathedral). The repetition in the design makes it interesting and satisfying to me. The Spire Ring reminds me of a crown. I drew inspiration from spires for this piece which are usually found on the very top of cathedrals and other buildings. Another popular design from the collection are the Window Rings. Inspired by the ornamental windows from cathedrals, they look as if a burst of light is coming from the hand set gemstones in the ring. Cathedrals have an overwhelming amount of detail in them, so I found it fitting to do a very intricate texture on all of the pieces. The textures were created on each piece when they started out as wax and were painstakingly carved into each design using small carving tools. The wax prototypes are later cast into solid metal that can then be made into wearable jewelry. 

This was both a fun and important collection for me to make during a time when life was a bit hectic. I was able to be grounded by hand carving each of these designs, to get a small break from the wedding chaos that was in the air. It meant a lot for me to make a piece of jewelry for myself at this time, but also for my friends and family in the wedding party. All of my bridesmaids, my mother, and mother in law, received a piece that was in or inspired by this collection. My bracelet and earrings worn that day were also inspired by the collection. I used the Sacred charm and set blue amazonite stones in it for my “something blue.” I also wore an Arcade Ring on my middle finger. It will always be an important collection to me, since it represents such an important part of my life and the people in it."

How incredible is Stefanie?! I am so blown away by her ability to take inspiration from the world and communicate art through fashion. I sometimes sound like a broken record but it is so true when I saw that fashion is a conversation to the world. And in this case, it is a conversation initially inspired from the world, specifically cathedrals in Italy. I love that about fashion; it is a message that doesn't stop at textiles but rather cycles and runs through the veins of a much larger picture than we could ever imagine. 


Xoxo, Diwa Doll


Photography: Mirna Plakalovic ***If you need a photographer for ANYTHING (landscape, portrait, etc.) Mirna is your girl!!! Her eye for aesthetic creativity and perspective is so spot on and best of all, she is so much fun to work with! I've never laughed so much during a shoot! You can also follow her on Instagram @mirnap_mirna.