I have always been drawn to details. Perhaps it is the intention behind the little things that strikes me. I remember when I was a young teen still trying to find my sense of style. I grew up in Texas, an environment where fashion was more reserved and conservative. I remember always loving color and exploring how to incorporate bright hues into my outfits; I particularly loved these hot pink barbie hair clip-on extensions. I was in 5th grade at the time and my first day sporting my new look, I was immediately shut down by groups of judgmental stares and snickering. "How weird" and "freaky" the kids said. It is a wonder how mean children can be and no doubt regardless of their size, the comments stuck on me like extra reinforced superglue. While the pressure to fit into uniformity was always there, my love to create and speak through style was stronger. I thank God every day for that. I simply could not ignore the inclination I had towards statement pieces; whether it was an outrageous feather headband, metallic bell bottoms, or exaggerated sunglasses. Details like these seemed to electrify whatever outfit I chose that day and touched a part of my soul that was dying to fly. And so fly I did. After high school graduation I got accepted into LIM College, packed the biggest suitcase I had, and headed to the fashion capitol of the world: New York City.

The energy of the city took a hold of me right from the start. A determination I never knew I had kicked into gear and for the first time I loved, I mean REALLY loved, school. I was staying long after hours in the math center (until then I absolutely abhorred the subject!) falling in love with how numbers were like black and white puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly to explain the bigger picture of retail and business. And my education didn't end in the classroom.

As I am typing this I smile when I think back on what the streets of New York City taught me. Oh the details; they were everywhere. My inspiration bloomed, flourished, and burst when I simply took in my surroundings on my daily commute. Fashion was in everything! Endless silhouettes, details, and colors lived in the buildings so high they kissed the sky, in the history of places like Grand Central Station, and its people. 

To this day I always say if you want a real fashion show, look at the streets of NYC. WOWZA! Creativity has a new form in people.  It is always a source of inspiration for me to sit outside sipping on a latte just watching the city's version of models pass by. Young and old, minimal and extravagant, jet black and canary yellow, whatever the form, the street style is an orchestra of wild imagination. 

It is in this environment of innovation that I have been free to adventure and express the sometimes outrageous details of my style. I always say that fashion is a conversation to the world. It matters. Each of us has a unique blueprint created by God that NO ONE ELSE can emulate. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in DETAIL. We are created in the most complex and intricate of details and have been given the mind to create our very own masterpieces. So goes on the journey of storytelling through fashion as I continue to share with the world. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I will share my narrative through a pair of hot pink hair extensions!


Xoxo, Diwa Doll


Photography: Kathleen O'Neill Photography