With the Summer heat slowly creeping in, we are all about giving the "cold shoulder". This season, we are saying "Goodbye" to crop tops and a "Hello" to off the shoulders! Unlike most body parts, the shoulder is rarely picked apart by women or fashion magazines as something that you should stress out about. There is no such thing as an ugly shoulder...so why not show it off? This trend has been flooding the scene everywhere we look, and the best part? You can purchase great finds for an even more amazing price! It's a fun yet classy way to show a little but not too much skin for those days where you need a little bit more ventilation. 

Something that most girls forget about when pulling off this style is the focus on the shoulders and clavicle. We want to emphasize them as much as possible by not adding too much bling to distract the eye! Minimalism is sometimes the best way to go! By pairing the outfit with a simple necklace, it will be more of an accent to the neckline instead of a distraction. Lately, I've been wearing these Forever 21 shoes wherever I go because of the ability to dress them up or down. I suggest getting shoes like these to add versatility (and you know how we love that!) to your closet!

This entire outfit was purchased at Forever 21 which is always our go to store to purchase inexpensive but good quality clothes. They always promote amazing discounts and deals every week online, so make sure to check them out! 

Xoxo, Diwa Dolls


Photographer: Nika Diwa

Products: Forever 21 Dress (Substitutes) / Forever 21 Necklace / Forever 21 Shoes