Summer time is fast approaching and that means...HERE COMES THE SUN! With the sun shining down and the various summer activities taking place, there's a number one war that every girl has to go through: Makeup VS. Sweat. We've all had those days where we end up looking like we've been at the gym for hours with smeared mascara and melting foundation, so how can we overcome that constant battle?? Here are a few tips for your face to withstand that summer moisture:

Let's start with the hydration of your skin! Moisturizer is a key element to keeping your face hydrated + youthful looking, but in this case, moisturizer can compromise the lasting effect of your makeup throughout the day. For a lighter replacement that still does the job of a moisturizer, use a light hydrating serum ( Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Face SerumBoscia Antioxidant Recovery Treatment C ) that will allow your makeup to stick on your face longer without any slippage. 

When it comes to foundation, the sheerer the coverage the longer it will last throughout the day. Tinted moisturizers may not give full coverage, but it will have your makeup lasting all day long! When dealing with these products (  Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer &  Jouer Matte Moisture Tint ), using a heavy duty concealer to do the coverage of any blemishes would work the best. An additional tip when it comes to these moisturizers is: The more matte the moisturizer, the stronger the staying power. Applying this with a brush or beauty blender will maximize the staying power of the tinted moisturizer. Using your fingers will transfer oils to your face, which dilutes the coverage of the product. 

Sometimes we underestimate the power of a good primer. The purpose of primer is to prolong the life of your makeup that you apply after it. It's important to find primers that are especially made for humidity and sweat in order to have a stronger effect ( Primed and Poreless Primer & Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector ). Before applying it, make sure your face is completely dry as wet faces will negate the primer's benefits. After applying the primer, give it some time to sink into your skin before applying the rest of your face makeup. To avoid the running of mascara and eyeliner, don't forget to apply primer to your eyelids and around the eyes. 

When talking about humidity and sweat, powder is your worst enemy. Because it sits on top of your face, it is easy for the powder to clump up and slide down your face when exposed to moisture. By using cream or liquid bronzers and blush stains ( Giorgio ArmaniMaestro Liquid Summer SPF 15 & Nars Matte Multiple), it allows for a sheer and easy to blend pigment. Through the use of these cream/liquid products, it can soak into the skin making it all the more natural looking. 

Although you may try to take these extra precautions and stay cool throughout the summer, sweating throughout the day is inevitable. The moment that you feel a slight amount of slippage or runnings...DON'T PANIC. Pull out oil blotting sheets, oil spray, or a beauty blender to de-blot and smooth out your makeup. It might not look as perfect as it did in the beginning of your day, but be prepared to pull off that dewy's trending!

We hope you got some take aways and helpful tips to use for the summer weather coming up! There will be much more summer beauty tips to stay tuned!

Xoxo, Diwa Dolls