We are super excited for this upcoming Easter weekend! This is a special time to thank and celebrate God for all the beautiful and wonderful blessings He has given us. Among many of these blessings is the coming of SPRING! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, springtime is upon us and it is time to bring out the pastels! (...and of course, jewels...but that's ANY season right??)

Mixing and matching light pastels with neutral colors is such a light and refreshing way to welcome back this bright and blissful season! I (Nika) decided to go with a pretty neutral pastel so I could really play up the jewel tones of my red tribal necklace and beloved sandals. (my new favorite buy- a statement shoe is a MUST!) I (Bianca) incorporated my pastels + jewel tones in one show-stopping fab top! Because the top is such a statement piece, I kept all other pieces neutral with the exception of my go-to metallic flats. (Another Diva, I mean "Diwa" dolls MUST!)

We hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend and enjoy putting together your own outfit to celebrate in as we spring (pun intended!) into April!

Xoxo, Diwa Dolls


Photography: Nika Diwa and Bianca Diwa