After seeing a plethora of phenomenal runway collections, there was one key component that we seemed to notice with every designer's aesthetic: Layering. When living in this dreadful winter weather, it's safe to say that layering is something that every New Yorker will have to face when picking his/her outfit for the day. Here are just a few Diwa Dolls tips on how to layer the right way:

A great way to add interest to your look is to mix and match layers + textures. In this case, we decided to use an eyelet textured dress in a solid color as the foundational piece. We then decided to play with various textures ( such as a cotton turtle neck and a woven plaid button up ) to add dimension. We chose colors that complimented each other instead of clashing in order to maintain cohesiveness. [ Note that plaid is a favorite of ours to match! ]

We chose to keep the shoes black as to not overwhelm the outfit with color (also the red soles match the shirt of course!). To bring out the red hues of the outfit we decided to bring out the red bag for that 'wow factor'. 

It's all about experimenting and trusting your fashion instinct! Don't be afraid to mix + match different textures, patterns, or even structures. You will never know until you try it out! I mean, who knows how many new outfits that creative mind of yours can come up with! 

Happy Layering! 

Xoxo, Diwa Dolls