Getting lost in a sea of pretty dresses with tea and treats must be every girl's dream. For us, thanks to the lovely Khanh Nguyen, it was a reality for yours truly. We had the honor of being invited to play in a dream closet created by one of the loveliest women we know. Khanh Nguyen, the Creative Director and Designer of Nha Khanh, is the modern epitome of elegance and class which is perfectly translated into each and every designer piece.

The Nha Khanh mission is to "empower women with inner strength through their clothing while focusing on feminine elegance with a modern edge." The name itself means "light and elegance" and "victory and celebration". And what fitting beautiful words for the line! We were most impressed with the attention to detail in craftsmanship. Also, the fabrication and texture of the garments were of the highest quality. We agree that the Nha Khanh collection encapsulates the celebration of timeless femininity in a modern world. To be a woman today and walk in the beauty of that essence, and at the same time break new ground in power and strength... that is the story of Nha Khanh. And it was a joy and privilege to be apart of it.

Visit here to view more of the collection and here to know exactly where you can experience Nha Khanh's pieces for yourself!


Xoxo, Diwa Dolls