Calling all love birds and love girls... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Per our annual tradition, we will be celebrating this holiday with our favorite gals. I guess you could call it "GALentines"! We believe Valentines shouldn't be strictly for starry-eyed couples; we each have people (whether it be family, friends, puppies...!) who hold special pieces of our heart. Join us and take the time out of your day this Valentines to do something sweet + thoughtful for the ones you love, whether it be a phone call reminding them how much they mean to you, a little handwritten note, or a GALentines dinner complete with wine + vino!

True to Valentines, we decided to go with ra-ra-RED! This classic color is a personal favorite as it is so complimentary to all skin tones and shades. As red is naturally a stand out color, we decided to pair with black which is a solid foundational hue. Red + black is one of the most chíc color combos! Bianca combined edge with femininity with a crop top paired with a full skirt. To keep her look seasonally appropriate, she added black stockings and a classic pointed toe heel (a closet must-have for versatility!). Bianca added a maroon python clutch and jeweled necklace for interest and dimension. Nika opted for a sultry + sweet flowy dress with vintage detailing. Very romantic! As the dress is shorter, she chose over-the-knee boots (a vital seasonal piece!) to balance the proportions of the outfit and keep it classy. She added chandelier earrings to compliment the print of the dress and a gold clutch with the most adorable red lips to match perfectly with the occasion.

We hope you like our Valentine's wardrobe this year and find just the right inspiration to celebrate with your loved ones! Comment below as we would love to hear what YOU wore this Valentine's!

Xoxo, Diwa Dolls


Photography: Kait Warman