As the temperatures continue to drop, fashionistas all over are layering, layering, layering! During cold weather season especially, we believe in the rule of buying less and choosing well. This means making sure your closet is stocked up with the basic essentials that can be paired with many other pieces to create various outfit combinations. This winter season our favorite fashion staples are the denim button up, oversize sweater, and leather jacket.

With these three fashion staples, the combinations are endless and oh so easy to layer. We both chose to layer with one of our go-to favorite color combos this season: black and white. Black and white is so easy to mix and match with different colors as they are a basic color palette. We decided to stick to the color scheme by pairing with black ankle boots (we love suede and leather!). In this case, we decided to add dimension and fun to our outfits by adding color-popping + jeweled necklaces (not a fashion staple, but a fashion necessity in our handbook!) and unique clutches. Accessories are a great way to top off your outfit with your own personal pizazz and personality!

Take advantage of this cold weather and use layering as a way to combine and mix + match what makes you uniquely YOU! At the Diwa Dollhouse, we believe that fashion should always be FUN as it is a reflection of the inside out. Happy layering!

Xoxo, Diwa Dolls


Photography: Courtney Nejedly