Ohhh beloved pastels! As we New Yorkers allow our minds to drift and wander off to warmer weather and sunny skies, consider this our ode to all our friends around the world who get to enjoy degrees above 40!

Full skirts and crop tops in fresh pastels are such a lovely way to celebrate being a girl! We like to keep pastels looking clean by pairing with hues of light pink + white. Remember, it is important to tell a cohesive story with the colors you choose: check here for Styling 101: Color Combinations. We also chose a more minimalist approach to this look by keeping jewelry to a simple/bare minimum. Sometimes, less is more!

Speaking of 'less is more', another reason we love this look is it cost, well, LESS! You can shop each of our entire outfits at H&M and Zara. Not kidding! We are big fans of these stores because you can get the runway look + latest trends for a fraction of the price. While these specific pieces are no longer in store, see below for more perfect pastel options!

Xoxo, Diwa Dolls


Photographer: Amber Mace