Think of me as your personal fashion god-fairy! I am your personal stylist and confidence coach rolled into one. Whether you can’t decide whether or not to throw out those metallic bell-bottoms jeans cira the Madonna era or you are ready for an entire wardrobe overhaul, I am here to walk you through your styleformation step by step. 




Don’t know where to begin?

Let’s build a roadmap towards style success! A style consultation will help you determine the best wardrobe to compliment your current lifestyle. We will focus on what works for YOU as far as where to shop, how to honor your body type, and maintain your style based on your budget.


Does staring at a closet full of clothes make you anxious?

Are you struggling with letting go of those sweaters you haven’t worn in years? A closet cleanup will help you identify what needs to go in order to make space for your new and improved style!


Are you bored with your everyday outfits and feel like you have nothing to wear?

A closet reset will help distinguish your personal style by assessing your everyday lifestyle and build ready-to-wear outfits around existing pieces you already own.


Do shopping malls = overwhelm?

My goal is your personal shopper is to lessen stress and maximize confidence! I will source unique items specific to your needs and desires with the goal of empowering you through style. By executing efficiently and intentionally, together we will reclaim and redefine what shopping means to you.


The works:

 Style consultation + Closet cleanup + Closet reset

 Style consultation + Personal shopping (2 hrs.)

 Total service package (Personal shopping 2 hrs.)  


Corporate Styling

The noise in today’s marketplace is deafening, making it vital for your brand to produce a clear and consistent message. You’ve heard it takes six seconds to make a first impression- what message are you sending? Learn how your company can project the most effective impact.